Building Digital Products & Companies.

We design, build, engineer and acquire digital products, solutions, companies for our clients & partners that create value and success.

We Are Your Digital Investor/Partner.
You are not alone and your ideas or solutions to scale your business should not live & die in your head. Part of the journey is the education we provide to set you and/or your project for success.
Our Services

Capabilities we are proud of.

With the current state of the internet, there is no better time than now to think of your entire digital landscape and how to capture an array opportunities. We will help with that.

  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile Applications
  • Software Development
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Social Media Engineering
  • Blockchain Development
  • Cognitive Computing (AI)
  • Custom Websites
  • Influencer Marketing & AdOps
  • Staffing Services
Endless Options/Possibilities
Often the highest blocker is the limited belief that the barrier to entry is too high, we will get you from A to B. We've done it countless times.
Years In Business
Locations Worldwide
Completed Projects
5+ Years
Average Client Relationship

Proven Experience in Delivering Competative Results.

We craft custom digital experiences to assist in overcoming client challenges. Over more than a decade in digital engineering has provided us the trust of a vast list of happy clients.

Navigate The New/Changing Economy
Digital is the new oil with income generating opportunities which can be tapped into while leveraging code, acquisition, building and scaling your product.

Building elegant low-risk solutions is at the heart of what we do.



Since 2009, Alonzi has never settled into any old way of thinking and constantly pushes forward to future-proof our clients' businesses. Stay ahead of your industries' curve with our unique vision tied paired with our technical capabilities.


An extension of your business.

We approach every project with laser-focus on goals, iteration and client experience. We integrate well with any division of a company (including development) with a contagious passion and knowledge of our craft.


Resources & Talent Pool.

We are a distributed team that has been one of the first companies to adopt a remote-first approach. This has opened the door to a world-class talent pool which we lean on for our success and the success of our clients.

Our Products

Senicity Software

At the backbone of the modern digital era, Senicity offers extreme customization and flexibiity of the future cloud infrastructure.

The system, used by many trusted clients, can sit on any stack and power many different verticals including: web apps, websites, serverless apps, mobile applications, software applications, marketing systems, Wordpress installations and virtually anything inbetween.

Client Trust

Valued statements.

Marco Bosco
EMG Dreamloud
Chief Executive Officer

We could not be where we are today without Alonzi and his team.

Alonzi has a vision that aligns with our brand and have executed successfully since we started working with them in 2009. We trust their expert capabilities to handle our entire digital scope and have never hesitated to continue to work with them.

The best part about working with Alonzi, they have never met a challenge they have yet to solve. That has been a key value in working with them.

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